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10 Secrets to Landing a New Media Job

New media jobs are becoming somewhat of a silver lining on a massive storm cloud labelled “Recession.” More and more people are turning towards the web and towards technology to find the answer to their hardship in a time of economic failure, and new media jobs seem to be answering their cries of distress. Landing a new media job can be a difficult procedure if you are not sure what is required of you and have no idea what the industry has to offer. By finding out what points add up to equal the gaining of a new media job, you will better your chances of finding your own silver lining.

We are here to help. These are not necessarily secrets, but ten extremely valid tips that will help you in the process of landing your own new media job.

  1. The first thing to do before even approaching the subject of landing a new media job is to make sure that your resume conveys all the necessary information that works in your favor. New media jobs are sought after positions, so you have to become the prospect that companies can’t live without.
  2. Adopt new media job skills that will turn the tables in your direction. Find an avenue that compliments your work ethic, passions and abilities and update the skills required.
  3. Display your interest and enthusiasm for new media jobs and sell yourself. You need to see yourself as the product that will revolutionize the new media job you are applying for as well as the company that is offering it. Don’t be ashamed to blow your own horn, as they say!
  4. Don’t limit yourself with the amount of resumes you send out to the different agencies when applying for a new media job. Get your profile out there and get noticed!
  5. Get some testimonials and references under your belt. Even if you have never worked in a new media job in your life, you can get your current boss or colleagues to give you a brief write up on what kind of an asset you are to their company. A positive word from someone else will go a long way towards landing your new media job.
  6. Do your research into what the new media job you are applying for will require from you. Being clued up will add points to your profile, ensuring that you appear keen and well informed.
  7. Stay in touch with your potentially future new media job employers. This too, as does point number 5, will make you appear keen and willing to take on this new responsibility.
  8. Continuing from point number 6, don’t come across as aggressive towards your new media job hiring team when enquiring about your application status. They will no doubt have many applications to work through for the same new media job you are applying for, so don’t assume that yours is of prime importance to them.
  9. Being polite, professional and eloquent racks up loads of points towards you landing your new media job.
  10. Be patient, be positive and have true confidence in yourself and your abilities. If you are self-assured in what you are embarking on, chances are that positivity will flow right back into your lap in the form of a new media job.
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