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10 Hot Media Companies You Should Work For

10 Hot Media Companies You Should Work For

Media Jobs are constantly changing these days, so sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with which companies you should be looking at when you’re pursuing your dream job. One key component to always consider for future employment opportunities is which are the most innovative media companies, those that are pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities. Innovation drives the future.

We’re only halfway through 2016, so a good place to start is to look at the companies who were considered at the top of the media jobs innovation curve last year. The good people over at Fast Company made a list early last year of the top 10 media companies in terms of innovation for 2015. Media Jobs decided to recap these for you so that you can do your own retrospective analysis and see if these companies are still worth putting on your short list. We think you’ll decide that most of them are.

1. The Washington Post

A newspaper? Yes indeed. While many newspaper companies are already dead and just don’t know it yet, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos breathed new life into the Post when he acquired it in 2013. Not only has the Post survived, it’s now thriving in the digital space and is once again one of the top destinations for news gatherers everywhere.

2. Buzzfeed Jobs 

When you look up ‘viral’ in a dictionary, don’t be surprised if says “See Buzzfeed”. The company set the standard for viral content and continues to do so today. Last year they were at the forefront of video sharing, a trend which has now overtaken every major social media site. Many Millennials live and die by Buzzfeed videos, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

3. Livestream.com Jobs

This one could be one of those companies that falls victim to the behemoth that is Facebook eventually, but for now they’re still holding their own. Live streaming video to the world is one of the biggest trends in the world right now, and Livestream.com brought it to the masses like Prometheus bringing fire.

4. The BusinessofFashion.com

Without fashion Instagram and Pinterest would be a lot smaller. Fashion has always been big business but today it’s bigger than ever, and BoF covers it like Bloomberg covers finance – from every angle.

5. NPR: National Public Radio Jobs

Radio isn’t dead despite rumors to the contrary, and public radio programs are enjoying as much popularity as ever. PRX now sits atop the heap in distributing public radio programs to the masses in much the same way that iTunes and Spotify bring the tunes.

6. Digiday Jobs

Traditional marketing also isn’t dead yet, but it’s certainly not in great health. Digital marketing is the now and future king of advertising, and Digiday is the end-all-be-all source for digital marketing information.

7. Medium Jobs

Blogging is ubiquitous to the point of being mundane, and print magazines are still realizing that they’ve already been buried. Many platforms have tried to merge the two and become the new go-to source for magazine-like information and entertainment (think Flipboard), but Medium has emerged as the new king of the hill, bringing great original content from professionals and amateurs alike.

8. The Guardian Jobs

The Guardian remains one of the most read online UK publications around the world, but they’re also leading the way in engagement. The paper put a new face on it’s US version by taking into account more than 40,000 comments from readers, and it’s popularity has grown even more since.

9. Gimlet Media

Not the first name in podcasting or the biggest, Gimlet Media still holds a prominent position for producing high-quality narrative-based podcasts and is considered one of the gurus in the genre.

10. Brownbook

Brownbook has brought humanity back to the perception of the Middle East region, highlighting beautiful and everyday stories that help cut through the constant fog of war, tragedy, and intolerance in the region and show that underneath there are still people and communities that have and want nothing to do with the bad aspects.

So, will any of these companies be receiving a resume from you any time soon?

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